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Born in Palermo (Italy) on 1959, she attained a high school diploma of classical studies in Italy.
She moved to USA during the eighties, and frequented a course of photography at "Maui Community College" in the state of Hawaii first, and on 1988 she studied photography at the "School of Visual Arts" in New York. Since many years she has been engaged in a research of innovative visual codes, using color as form of expression while taking photos, often treating social issues with a special attention to women and gender differences.
She travelled to Indonesia with a group of anthropologists of the university of Amsterdam (Netherlands) in 1989, to realize a reportage on mysticism and traditional medicine in Giava.
Afterwards she came back to Italy and moved to Milan, where she started to collaborate with the photo agency "MARKA" and "Photo Dossier" and the magazine "L’Etichetta" directed by Luigi Veronelli, while also working as assistant in studios of advertising photographers.
In 1992 she moved to Sicily, where she actually lives and works, and where she started to work with architectural and cultural heritage photography on commission by the Italian magazines "Bell’Italia" and "Antiquariato", periodicals of "Giorgio Mondadori" editions.
But mainly she focused on social issues concerning Sicily, aiming to use photographic language to interfere with stereotypes which affect social integration. She treated themes as female immigration in Sicily from the South of the world, a series of portraits published , together with the reportage of Paola Agosti and Simona Calì Cocuzza, in a book with preface of Giovanna Calvenzi. In 2004 the International Museum of Women in San Francisco has selected her entry for the published anthology project, Imagining Ourselves, previewed in New York at the 49th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. The anthology with a preface by Isabella Allende, focuses on the global female experience.
In 2005 within the activities of the NGO: "Laboratorio Zen Insieme" she conceived and realized a project lasting two years, which experimented visual codes while treating social issues, she conducted her project with the teenagers living in one of the most run down suburb of Palermo, she created a video montage with the photos taken during the activities of the project. The result of the project aroused interest, and the third channel of RAI Italian public network, transmitted on air her reportage.
She also created visual story telling workshop with the women of the ancient market "Ballarò" neighborhood of Palermo.
Her images are published in national and international magazines.
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